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15 July 2011

Happy Birthday Girl..

Hi..firstly,happy birthday to my beloved friend Ayesha Azman ..yang ke 17..sweet 17 my dear..tua dah ek..kah3..okay hope you are always happy and mewah rezeki selalu..have a blast day and may God bless youu..hargai org kat sekeliling..i'm always be by your side..tak bnyak nak ckp and kita pn tk lama spent time td..ntaa laa,everything change..dah tk macam dulu..and mybe never be again..alst thing you're never be replaced..and sorry present tk bape syok..sbb busan asik nak bg present yg sama jenis jea dgn org lain..kekeke..even benda ni terhapus tp still ada kenangan..and there's a gift fo youuu (;


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